Once you have gone through the process of developing a QR code marketing campaign, the last thing you want to see is a potential customer losing interest before conversion due to technical problems or a poor user experience. And while no one can guarantee a 100% conversion rate, you can help reduce attrition by avoiding some common QR code mistakes and misconceptions.

Make your QR code visible

This may seem like an obvious one - but more so than almost any other type of campaign, QR codes are about speed and ease. Make sure your code will be easy to find and recognize. If you're using it on product packaging, make sure it faces the aisle when it's on the shelf.

Make your QR code easy to scan

There is a certain amount of error correction built into QR codes, and scanning apps are getting smarter every day. But it's safest not to get too creative with the code itself. Don't skew it or stretch it, keep it high contrast (black and white), and be wary of printing on fabric or flexible materials. Try to keep your QR code at least 1" square or larger.

Test with multiple devices and scanners

Not all scanners or mobile devices are created equal. Be sure to test your code, in layout, on as many different devices and scanning apps as you can get your hands on.

Have a mobile-friendly landing page

Again, this one may seem obvious. But it's not unheard of for marketers to attempt to save time or effort by pointing a QR code at a full-size desktop formatted landing page. When faced with a web page that is difficult or impossible to read or navigate, your mobile consumer is likely to tune out and lose interest in seconds.

Make your landing page campaign-specific

This is a rule that can be applied to any digital marketing campaign, mobile or desktop. The destination, or landing, page should be an obvious continuation of the communication you started with your promotional material. Your visitor arrives on your site because he or she is interested in something you've promised to deliver - make sure the information they're looking for is front and center when they arrive.

What Next?

This article on QR code best practices was produced by Ogilvy Public Relations for the public sector, but applies equally well to commercial QR code campaigns.

3 Best Practices for Generating Reliable QR codes (jeffkorhan.com)

Visualized: US smartphone market share, by manufacturer and platform (engadget.com, March 2011)

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