-posted December 13th 2013-

Use these instructions on or after the effective date of the Canada Post rate change.


To confirm that the installation of new rates on your Connect+ was successful, you can view the Rate Status tab on the Status screen

  • Select the Rates and Updates button from the Home screen
  • The system will automatically check for updates
  • The status screen opens. There are 5 tabs along the top of the screen related to rates and software status.  
  1. The Messages tab will tell you whether your rates and software are up-to-date
  2. The Basic System Info tab contains the system name, model, serial number and meter number
  3. The Rates & Software tab contains active and pending rates and associated effective date
  4. The Features & Graphics tab contains a list of rates and optional software features available on your system, as well as the hardware components that make up your system. For example, hardware components include the type of scale and its capacity, and the type of connectivity (wireless LN)
  5. The Credits tab contains copyright and permission notices for the software on your system
  • To see the history of what rates and software have been downloaded to your system, select Install History from the list box on the left side of the screen
  • Select Print to print the information contained on any of the status tabs
  • Select Done to return to the Home screen