Print Audit 4
Get a grip on your printing costs!

Print Audit 4 can help your business know exactly how much is being printed, where, by whom and what.

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Introducing Print Audit 4 the most comprehensive print tracking and auditing software – by the industry leader in Print Management Solutions.

Print Audit 4 has countless user-friendly features including:

  • Stopping the print job until the user has entered the required information.
  • Redirection of expensive print jobs to lower cost printers.
  • Default entries and drop down choices that make Print Audit 4 incredibly quick to use.
  • User quotas for printing.
  • Security that insures Print Audit 4 can not be overridden.
  • Flexible reporting that allows you to decide what information is needed and how to present it.
  • Network installation that eliminates manual installation of Print Audit 4 on each workstation.
  • Ability to determine whether a print job is black and white or colour and charge appropriately.
  • Support for batch printing.
  • A wizard that helps you set up Print Audit.

Complete specifications are available in the downloadable product brochure.

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